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Prof. Pat Keating 

UCLA Linguistics Dept. 
3125 Campbell Hall 
Los Angeles CA 90095-1543 

310-794-6316                                                    Office: 2101J Campbell.  Current quarter's office hours.

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I am a professor of linguistics, specializing in phonetics, the science of the speech sounds used in languages.  I have been at UCLA since 1981, and since 1991 I have been the director of the UCLA Phonetics Lab.  On this page you can find out about my current research projects, and also about Mss in Preparation, Publications in Books and Journals, Conference and Working Papers, Talks and Conference Presentations, my CV (including courses taught and former Ph.D. students), and some Personal information.

Research Interests

Most of my current work concerns the voice source. Our NSF-funded project "Linguistic uses of phonation across languages" (with Christina Esposito, Jody Kreiman, Abeer Alwan, and several students/former students) has ended its funding period, though we continue to write up our results. This project concerns the production and perception of phonation types in several languages, with the goal of characterizing the multi-dimensional phonetic space for linguistic voice quality. All speech recordings, analysis results, and software tools from this project (VoiceSauce for acoustic analysis, EggWorks for EGG analysis) can be found on the project website. As an offshoot of this project, I am also interested in the segmental phonetics of Hmong.  

Currently, I am part of Abeer Alwan's two NSF-funded projects "A New Voice Source Model: From Glottal Areas to Better Speech Synthesis", which involves high-speech imaging of the glottis, source model development, and perceptual validation; and "Variance and Invariance of Voice Quality", which will characterize individual voices in a way that can predict voice confusability. In the future, I will work on applying our methods of voice quality analysis to prosodic structure. I am also investigating acoustic correlates of falsetto and creaky voice.

Past projects have included:

  1. Phonological and speech perception deficits of dyslexic children, with Frank Manis and Mark Seidenberg. We showed that it's the children with more general language difficulties who perceive speech less categorically.  Some of the materials (scripts, files) for experiments conducted in this project are posted here.  See below for publications from this project, the most recent being Bruno et al. 2007, on children's ability to use anticipatory coarticulatory information. 
  2. Optical phonetics (visual speech perception), with Lynne Bernstein at the House Ear Institue and others.  In this project I was especially concerned with the visual perception of optical prosody. Information about the project facilities and some demos are posted at the House Ear Institute website. See below for publications from this project, the most recent being Scarborough et al. 2009, on production and perception of movements of the head, eyebrows, lips, and chin with linguistic prominence. Jiang et al. 2002 demonstrated moderate to strong within-speaker correlations from movements of the face (recorded by motion-capture) to articulatory movements (recorded by EMA), meaning that even movements of the tongue are somewhat "visible" on the face.
  3. How the Prosodic Hierarchy affects consonant articulation (hypothesis: consonants show fortition initially in every domain; this effect is cumulative up the hierarchy).  This was shown to be at least partly so for four languages: English, French, Korean, Taiwanese. Sample data from French and Korean are given on the Phonetics Lab's webpage. See below for publications from this project, the most recent being Cho & Keating 2009 comparing effects of prominence and boundaries.

Recent Presentations and Mss in Preparation

Publications in Books and Journals

Conference and Working Papers  

Talks and conference presentations (in chronological, not reverse, order)



                [scanned into 4 files: pdf  file1; pdf file2; pdf file3; pdf file4]

Professional Experience

Honors, Awards, Grants [the Phonetics Lab site has additional information about grants in the lab]

Selected Professional Service

1986,1987:        Membership Committee, Linguistic Society of America
1988-1994:        Co-editor, Phonetics and Phonology series, Academic Press
1989,1990:        Associate Editor, Language
1990-1992:        National Science Foundation Linguistics Advisory Panel
1990-1991:        Organizer, Third Conference on Laboratory Phonology
1991-2000:        Standing committee to organize Conferences in Lab. Phonology (chair, 1998-2000)
1991-1995:        Editorial board, Phonology
May 1998:         Represented (with Peter Ladefoged) the Linguistic Society of America at 4th annual Coalition for National Science Funding Exhibition and                                      Reception for Members of Congress (in Washington DC)
August 1999:      External review committee for NSF programs in Cognitive, Psychological, and Language Sciences (Div. of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences)
1999-2002:        Technical Committee, Speech Communication, Acoustical Society of America; founding chair of Stetson Award sub-committee
2000-2005:        Editorial board, Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics
2003-2015:        Elected member of the Council of the IPA 2003-2007, 2007-2011, 2011-2015
2008-2010:        LabPhon Organizers Committee
2011-2015:        Elected Secretary of the IPA
2011-2012:        Ad-hoc Professional Outreach Committee, Linguistic Society of America

Selected University Service

     1987-1992:    Interdepartmental Committee for Applied Linguistics
     1987-1988:    Provost's 5-year review of Dean of Humanities
     1987-1988:    Faculty Career Development Awards Committee
     1987-1989:    Academic Senate Committee on Academic Freedom
     1992:              Search Committee for Director of Humanities Computing
     1995-1999:    Chair, (Humanities) Dean's Advisory Committee on Technology; ex officio member of several related committees
     1996-98:         Academic Senate Committee on Teaching
     1996-?:           Interdepartmental Program in Biomedical Engineering
     2004-2008:     Faculty Committee on Educational Technology (chair, 2005-08)
     2008-2011:     Information Technology Planning Board
     2009-2010:     Institute for Social Research Advisory Committee

Courses Taught

Answer to question: Do I have teaching materials on the web?  There are three answers.  First, all undergraduate courses I teach (and some grad courses) have a course website (on CCLE Moodle), and some but not all of the materials I post there are publicly listed and available (some require login with a password).  Second, all materials I prepare on the use of the facilities of the phonetics lab eventually make their way onto that part of the lab's website, which I also maintain: click here. Third, I maintain the lab's Teaching page, which is full of, basically, my ideas.

Ph.D. Recipients Supervised (all at UCLA) (see department dissertation page for pdfs of dissertations)

Personal stuff

I am married to Bruce Hayes, also of the UCLA Linguistics Department. For fun, I used to play viola da gamba; I haven't done that for some years now, but I still keep my membership in the Viola da Gamba Society of America. Now instead I sing Sacred Harp shape-note music with the Westside branch of FaSoLa-L.A., and have my personal Sacred Harp page. I also enjoy English country dancing with the California Dance Coop Los Angeles. As a volunteer, I maintain the Children's Book World's Book Recycling Center.

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