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Chidambaram, Vrinda
Ph.D. 2013, Princeton University Morphosyntax and slavic languages Website 3103K Campbell Hall
Daland, Robert
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2009, Northwestern Univ. Computational and experimental approaches to language learning Website 2210C Campbell Hall
Harris, Jesse
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2012, UMass, Amherst Language processing, semantics, pragmatics Website  2224C Campbell Hall
Hayes, Bruce
Distinguished Professor and Department Chair
Ph.D. 1980, MIT Phonology, phonetics, metrics, learnability Website 2101G Campbell Hall
Hyams, Nina
Ph.D. 1983, CUNY Child language acquisition, syntax Website 2210B Campbell Hall
Jun, Sun-Ah
Professor, Vice Chair and Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. 1993, Ohio State University Phonetics, intonation, prosody-syntax/semantics interface, laboratory phonology, language acquisition, Korean Website 2101H Campbell Hall
Keating, Patricia
Ph.D. 1980, Brown Univ. Phonetics, laboratory phonology Website 2101J Campbell Hall
Koopman, Hilda
Ph.D. 1984, Univ. of Tilburg Syntactic Theory, comparative syntax, morphosyntax, syntax phonology interface Website 3103J Campbell Hall
Mahajan, Anoop
Ph.D. 1990, MIT Syntactic theory, typology, South Asian languages Website 3103H Campbell Hall
Melchert, Craig
Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. 1977, Harvard Historical linguistics, Indo-European, Anatolian languages. Website 2126B Campbell Hall
Rett, Jessica
Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2008, Rutgers Semantics Website 3103L Campbell Hall
Sarvasy, Hannah
Ph.D. 2014, James Cook University Fieldwork methodology, Papuan languages, linguistic typology, morphosyntax Website 3122B
Campbell Hall
Schuh, Russell
Professor & Vice Chair
Ph.D. 1972, UCLA African languages (Chadic), general linguistics Website 2126A Campbell Hall
Schütze, Carson
Ph.D. 1997, MIT Language processing, first language acquisition, syntax, morphology Website 2210E Campbell Hall
Sharvit, Yael
Ph.D. 1997, Rutgers Univ. Semantics, Pragmatics, Syntax-semantics interface, Semitic linguistics Website 3103G Campbell Hall
Smith, Brian
  Phonology Website 3122C
Campbell Hall
Sportiche, Dominique
Ph.D. 1984, MIT Syntax, Morphosyntax, Syntax-Semantics interface, French syntax, Romance Syntax Website 3103M Campbell Hall
Stabler, Edward
Ph.D. 1981, MIT Computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, philosophy of logic and language Website 3103F Campbell Hall
Stowell, Tim
Ph.D. 1981, MIT Formal Syntax Website 358 Royce Hall
Sundara, Megha
Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2005, McGill Phonetics, speech perception, infant speech perception Website 2101S Campbell Hall
Zuraw, Kie
Associate Professor  
Ph.D. 2000, UCLA Phonology, computational linguistics, Tagalog Website 3122A Campbell Hall

Adjunct faculty

Dahlgren, Kathleen
Adjunct Professor        
Ph.D. 2000, UCLA Computational Linguistics            Website            


Emeritus faculty

Anttila, Raimo
Professor Emeritus  
Ph.D. 1966 Yale Indo-European languages and linguistics, historical linguistics Website
Curtiss, Susan
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1976, UCLA Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition Website  3315 Rolfe Hall
Hinnebusch, Thomas
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1973 UCLA Swahili, African languages and Linguistics(Bantu), phonology, historical linguistics. Website  

Keenan, Edward
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. 1969, Univ. of Pennsylvania Mathematical linguistics, linguistic universals, Malagasy. Website 3103N Campbell Hall
Munro, Pamela
Distinguished Research Professor
Ph.D. 1974, UC San Diego American Indian languages and linguistics,
historical linguistics, phonology, syntax.
Website 360 Royce Hall
Parsons, Terry
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1966, Stanford Univ. Semantics, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, metaphysics and history of logic Website 366 Dodd Hall


Web pages of faculty now deceased

Bright, William
1928-2006 William Bright was a distinguished scholar in American Indian linguistics, Dravidian linguistics, and sociolinguistics. Website
Fromkin, Victoria 1923-2000 Victoria Fromkin was one of the department's own first Ph.D.'s, noted for her work in phonetics, phonology,and psycholinguistics. Website
Ladefoged, Peter 1925-2006 Peter Ladefoged was a preeminent scholar in phonetics.  He taught in the department from 1962 to 1991, and was thereafter a Research Linguist. Website
Stockwell, Robert 1925-2012 Robert Stockwell was the founding chair of our department. His research covered syntactic theory, the history of the English language, early English metrics, and historical linguistics. Website