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Acker, Ann Michelle (Niki) 2016 Voice and Valance in Q'anjob 'al  
Korotkova, Natalia (Natasha) 2016 Heterogeneity and Uniformity in the Evidential Domain  
Mateu Martin, Victoria E. 2016 Intervention Effects in the Acquisition of Raising and Control:  Evidence from English and Spanish  
Tellings, Jos L. 2016 Counterfactuality in Discourse  
Winans, Lauren 2016 Inferences of "will"  
Ahn, Byron 2015 Giving Reflexivity a Voice:  Twin Reflexives in English  
Bowers, Dustin 2015 A System for Morphophonological Learning and It's Consequences for Language Change  
Buffington, Joseph A.  2015 The Logical Form of Contract Formation  
Kim, Yun Jung 2015 6-month olds' Segmentation and Representation of Morphologically Complex Words  
Yashima, Jun 2015 Antilogophoricity:  In Conspiracy with the Binding Theory  
Bervoets, Melanie 2014 On Opining: Modal Verbs, Dispositions, Free Choice, and Negation  
Kalin, Laura 2014 Aspects and argument licensing in Neo-Aramaic  
McPherson, Laura 2014 Replacive grammatical tone in the Dogon languages  
Turnbull-Sailor, Craig 2014 The Variables of VP Ellipsis  
Ward, Kaeli 2014 Backtracking and have to: Maintaining a unified analysis of conditionals  
Graf, Thomas 2013 Local and Transderivational Constraints in Syntax and Semantics  
Ward, Nancy 2013 The role of modality and register in imitation by adults and children  
Kuang, Jianjing 2013 Phonation in Tonal Contrasts  
Kuo, Grace 2013 Perception and Acoustic Correlates of the Taiwanese Tone Sandhi Group  
Bishop, Jason 2013 Prenuclear Accentuation in English: Phonetics, Phonology, Information Structure  
White, James 2013 Bias in Phonological Learning: Evidence from Saltation  
Garellek, Marc 2013 Production and perception of glottal stops  
Orfitelli, Robyn 2012 Argument Intervention in the Acquisition of A-movement  
Paperno, Denis 2012 Semantics and Syntax of Non-Standard Coordination  

Thatte, Victoria


Infant Phonotactic Learning


Vicenik, Chad 2011 The Role of Intonation in Language Discrimination by Infants and Adults
George, Benjamin 2011 Question Embedding and the Semantics of Answers  
Ryan, Kevin 2011 Gradient Weight in Phonology  
Yu, Kristine 2011 The learnability of tones from the speech signal  
Becker-Kristal, Roy 2010

Acoustic typology of vowel inventories and Dispersion Theory: Insights from a large cross-linguistic corpus

Homer, Vincent 2010

Polarity and Modality

Gunkel, Dieter 2010 Studies in Greek and Vedic Prosody, Morphology, and Meter  
Keil, Benjamin 2010

Generating Descriptions of Motion From Cognitive Representation

Kim, Ji Eun 2010 The Generation of Implicit Propositions in "Alleged" Korean Topics  
Ishizuka, Tomoko 2010 Toward a Unified Analysis of Passives in Japanese: A Cartographic Minimalist Approach  
Lofstedt, Ingvar 2010

Phonetic Effects in Swedish Phonology: Allomorphy and Paradigms


Tang, Katrina Elizabeth



The Phonology and Phonetics of Consonant-Tone Interaction  

Cheung, Yam-Leung 2008 The Negative Wh-Construction

Khan, Sameer


Intonational Phonology and Focus Prosody of Bengali  

Neilsen, Kuniko Yasu


Word-level and Feature-level Effects in Phonetic Imitation  


Okabe, Reiko  


Child Causatives: Acquisition of Bi-clausal Structures in Japanese  


Mwita, Leonard Chacha


Verbal Tone in Kuria  


Schueler, David
2008 The Syntax and Semantics of Implicit Conditionals: Filling in the Antecedent  
Shilman, Molly 2008 On the Question of Accent Domains in English  
Willson, Heather 2008 Subject Positions in Marshallese  
Klinedinst, Nathan 2007 Plurality and Possibility  

Pertsova, Katya


Learning Form-Meaning Mappings in Presence of Homonymy: a linguistically motivated model for learning inflection  


Martin, Andrew


The Evolving Lexicon  


Shademan, Shabman


Grammar and Analogy in Phonotactic Well-formedness Judgments  


Heinz, Jeffrey


Inductive Learning of Phonotactic Patterns  


Kandybowicz, Jason 2006 Conditions on Multiple Copy Spell-Out and the Syntax Phonology Interface  

Kobele, Greg


Generating Copies: An Investigation into Structural Identity in Language and Grammar


Gilkerson, Jill


Acquiring English Particle Verbs:  

Age and Transfer Effects in Second Language Acquisition  


Ntelitheos, Dimitrios  


The Morphosyntax of Nominalizations: A Case Study


Esposito, Christina


The Effects of Linguistic Experience on the Perception of Phonation


Lillehaugen, Brook


Expressing Location in Tlacolula Valley Zapotec.


Foreman, John


The Morphosyntax of Subjects in Macuiltianguis Zapotec


Arbisi-Kelm, Timothy


An Intonational Analysis of Disfluency Patterns in Stuttering


Jackson, Eric


Resultatives, Derived Statives, and Lexical Semantic Structure


Fleischhacker, Heidi


Similarity in Phonology: Evidence from Reduplication and Loan Adaptation


Torrence, Harold


On the Distribution of Complementizers in Wolof


Buell, Leston


Issues in Zulu Verbal Morphosyntax


Lin, Ying


Learning Features and Segments from Waveforms: A Statistical Model of Early Phonological Acquisition


Albro, Daniel


Reduplication in Optimality Theory: Computation and Analysis


Scarborough, Rebecca


Coarticulation and the Structure of the Lexicon


Liu, Haiyong


Complex Predicates in Mandarin Chinese: Three Types of Bu-Yu Structures


Riggle, Jason


Generation, Recognition, and Learning in Finite State Optimality Theory


Kim, Sahyang


The role of prosodic phrasing in Korean word segmentation


Avelino Becerra, Heriberto


Topics in Yalalag Zapotec, with Particular Reference to its Phonetic Structures


MacBride, Alex


A Constraint-Based Approach to Morphology


McCrary, Kristie


(Romance Linguistics) Reassessing the Role of the Syllable in Italian Phonology: An Experimental Study of Consonant Cluster Syllabification, Definite Article Allomorphy and Segment Duration.


Caponigro, Ivano


Free Not to Ask: On the Semantics of Free Relatives and Wh-Words Cross-linguistically  


Storto, Gianluca


Possessives in Context: Issues in the Semantics of Possessive Constructions


Matondo, Masangu


Tone and Prosodic Morphology in Kisukuma


Baltazani, Mary


Quantifier scope and the role of intonation in Greek


Albright, Adam


The Identification of Bases in Morphological Paradigms


Epstein, Melissa


Voice Quality and Prosody in English


Joyce-Clark, Brenda 2001 Noun Classifiers  

Vegnaduzzo, Stefano


A Partition Semantics for Temporal Adverbs


Harkema, Hendrik


Parsing Minimalist Languages


Cho, Taehong


Effects of Prosody on Articulation in English


Foreman, Christina


The Use of Contrastive Focus by High-Functioning Children with Autism


Garrett, Edward


Evidentiality and Assertion in Tibetan


Zhang, Jie


The Effects of Duration and Sonority on Contour Tone Distribution--Typological Survey and Formal Analysis


Anderson, Victoria  


Giving Weight to Phonetic Principles: The Case of Place of Articulation in Western Arrente  
Baroni, Marco 2000 Distributional Cues in Morpheme Discovery: A Computational Model and Empirical Evidence
Becker, Misha 2000 The Development of the Copula in Child English: The Lightness of Be  

Gimba, Alhaji Maina   


Bole Verb Morphology  


Hallman, Peter


The Structure of Predicates: Interactions of Derivation, Case and Quantification  
Pearson, Matt J. 2000 The Clause Structure of Malagasy: A Minimalist Approach

Ueyama, Motoko


(Applied Linguistics) Prosodic Transfer: An Acoustic Study of L2 English vs. L2 Japanese


Zuraw, Kie


Patterned Exceptions in Phonology


Crook, Harold 1999 The Phonology and Morphology of Nez Perce Stress  
Crosswhite, Katherine 1999 Vowel Reduction in Optimality Theory  

Fulop, Sean


On the Logic and Learning of Language


Stack, Kelly


Innovation by a Child Acquiring Signing Exact English II


Gordon, Matthew


Syllable Weight: Phonetics, Phonology and Typology


Thomas-Vilakati, Kimberley 1999 Coproduction and Coarticulation in IsiZulu Clicks (published 2010, UC Press)  

Harada, Tetsuo


(Applied Linguistics) The Acquisition of Segmental Timing by Children in a Japanese Immersion Program


Lee, Felicia 1999 Antisymmetry and the Syntax in San Lucas Quiavini Zapotec  
Espanol-Echevarria, Manuel 1998 The Syntax of Purposive Expressions  

Kirchner, Robert


An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition


Hess, Susan


Pharyngeal Articulations  


Grinstead, John


(Applied Linguistics) Subjects, Sentential Negation and Imperatives in Child Spanish and Catalan


Sakaguchi, Mari 1998 Distributivity in English and Japanese  

Blankenship, Barbara


  The timecourse of breathiness and laryngealization in vowels


Gutierrez Rexach, Javier
1997 Quantification, Context Dependence, and Generalized Minimalist Grammer: Studies on the Interpretation of Clitic Proforms and Existential Determiners in Spanish  
MacEachern, Margaret 1997 Laryngeal Cooccurrence Restrictions  
Potter, Brian 1997 Wh/Indefinites and the Structure of the Clause in Western Apache  
Schaeffer, Jeannette 1997 Direct Object Scrambling in Dutch and Italian Child Language  
Wright, Richard 1996 Consonant Clusters and Cue Preservation in Tsou  
Ngonyani, Deogratias  
1996 The Morphosyntax of Applicatives  
Casali, Roderic  
1996 Resolving Hiatus  
Kural, Murat  
1996 Verb Incorporation and Elementary Predicates  
Hayashi, Tomiko  
1996 The Syntactic and Semantic Structures of Complex Predicate Constructions in Japanese  
Dukes, Michael 1996 On the Nonexistence of Anaphors and Pronominals in Tongan  
Adewole, Stephen Monday 1995 Yoruba Word Formation Processes  
Thwala, Nhlanhla
1995 A Generative Grammar of Si-Swati: Morphology of Syntax of Nouns and Verbs  
Ben-Shalom, Dorit
1996 Semantic Trees  
Nkemnji, Michael
1995 Heavy Pied-Piping in Nweh  
Sano, Tetsuya
1995 Roots in Language Acquisition: A Comparative Study of Japanese and European Languages  
Yalwa, Lawan
1995 Issues in the Syntax of Hausa Complementation  
Banner Inouye, Susan 1995 Trills, Taps, and Stops in Contrast and Variation  
Flemming, Edward 1995 Auditory Representation in Phonology  
Sands, Bonny
1995 Evaluation Claims of Distant Linguistic Relationships: The Case of Khoisan  
Silverman, Daniel
1995 Phasing and Recoverability  
Kaun, Abigail
1995 The Typology of Rounding Harmony: An Optimality Theoretic Approach  
Nam, Seungho 1995 The Semantics of Locative Prepositional Phrases in English  
Jun, Jongho
1995 Perceptual and Articulatory Factors on Place Assimilation  
Beghelli, Filippo 1995 The Phrase Structure of Quantifier Scope  
Hagiwara, Robert E.
1995 Acoustic Realizations of American /r/ as Produced by Women and Men (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Shryock, Aaron M.
1995 Investigating Laryngeal Contrasts: An Acoustic Study of the Consonants of Musey (R. Schuh and I. Maddieson, co-chairs)


Byrd, Dani M.
1994 Articulatory Timing in English Consonant Sequences (P. Keating, chair)


Ohta, Kaoru 1994 Verbal Nouns in Japanese  
Dolan, William 1994 Context-Freeness and the Lexicon  
Wu, Andi 1994 The Spell-Out Parameters: A Minimalist Approach to Syntax  
Schuetze-Coburn, Stephan 1994 Prosody, Syntax, and Discourse Pragmatics: Assessing Information Flow in German Conversation  

Nagahara, Hiroyuki


Phonological phrasing in Japanese


Choi, John-Dongwook
1992 Phonetic Underspecification and Target- Interpolation: An Acoustic Study of Marshallese Vowel Allophony (P. Keating, B. Hayes, chairs)


Dart, Sarah N.
1991 Articulatory and Acoustic Properties of Apical and Laminal Articulations (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Kidima, Lukowa 1991 Tone and Accent in KiYaka  
Cohn, Abigail C.
1990 Phonetic and Phonological Rules of Nasalization (B. Hayes, P. Keating, chairs)


McHugh, Brian D. 1990 Cyclicity in the Phrasal Phonology of Kivunjo Chaga  
Bat-El, Outi 1989 Phonology and Word Structure in Modern Hebrew  
Bickmore, Lee S. 1989 Kinyambo Prosody  
Campbell, Richard G. 1989 The Grammatical Structure of Verbal Predicates  
Huffman, Marie K.
1989 Implementation of Nasal: Timing and Articulatory Landmarks (P. Keating, chair)


Lord, Carol D. 1989 Syntactic Reanalysis in the Historical Development of Serial Verb Constructions  
Matthiessen, Christian 1989 Text-Generation as a Linguistic Research Task  
Shapley, Marian 1989 Fundamental Frequency Variation in Conversational Discourse  
Sugamoto, Nobuko 1989 The Pronominality of Referential Expressions  
Woak, Fay 1989 The Impact of Discourse on Grammar: Verb Morphology in Spoken Jakarta Indonesian  
Anderton, Alice J. 1988 The Language of the Kitanemuks of California  
Cumming, Susanna A. 1988 Syntactic Function and Constituent Order Change in Malay  
Fordyce, James Forrest 1988 Studies in Sound Symbolism with Special Reference to English  
Glover, Bonnie C. 1988 The Morphophonology of Muscat Arabic  
Jackson, Michel T.T.
1988 Phonetic Theory and Cross-Linguistic Variation in Vowel Articulation (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Iwasaki, Shoichi 1988 A Study of Speaker's Perspective in Japanese Spoken Discourse  
Emmorey, Karen D. 1987 Morphological Structure and Parsing in the Lexicon  
Scancarelli, Janine 1987 Grammatical Relations and Verb Agreement in Cherokee  
Soper, John D. 1987 Loan Syntax in Turkic and Iranian: The Verb System of Tajik, Uzbek, and Qashqay  
Stewart, Anne M. 1987 Clause-Combining in Conchucos Quechua Discourse  
Holt, Dennis G. 1986 The Development of the Paya Sound System  
Lee, Thomas Hun-Tak 1986 Studies on Quantification in Chinese  
Ping, Chen 1986 Referent Introducing and Tracking in Chinese Narratives  
Ren, Hongmo
1986 On the Acoustic Structure of Diphthongal Syllables, (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Tuller, Laurice Ann 1986 Bijective Relations in Universal Grammar and the Syntax of Hausa  
Ulrich, Charles H. 1986 Choctaw Morphology  
Yusuf, Ore 1986 Verb Phrase Seralization in Yoruba in Discourse Perspective  
Clark, Robin L. 1985 Boundaries and the Treatment of Control  
Hargus, Sharon L. 1985 The Lexical Phonology of Sekani  
Jaggar, Philip J. 1985 Factors Governing the Morphological Coding of Referents in Hausa Narrative Discourse  
Lindsey, Geoffrey A. 1985 Intonation and Interrogation: Tonal Structure and the Expression of    Pragmatic Function in English and Other Languages  
Moshi, Lioba P. 1985 Grammatical Relations in Swahili Discourse  
Payne, Doris L. 1985 Aspects of the Grammar of Yagua: A Typological Perspective  
Payne, Thomas E. 1985 Participant Coding in Yagua Discourse  
Berinstein, Ava
1984 Evidence for Multiattachment in K'ekchi Mayan (W. Bright, D. Perlmutter, chairs)


Chi, Telee 1984 A Lexical Analysis of Verb-Noun Compounds in Mandarin Chinese  
Fox, Andrew J. 1984 The Evolution of the Hebrew Infinitive, Form and Function: A Diachronic Study with Cross-Linguistic Implications  
Fox, Barbara A. 1984 Discourse Structure and Anaphora in Written and Conversational English  
Hammond, Michael T. 1984 Constraining Metrical Theory: A Modular Theory of Rhythm and Destressing  
Kempler, Daniel 1984 Syntactic and Symbolic Abilities in Alzheimer's Disease  
Singler, John V. 1984 Variation in Tense-Aspect-Modality in Liberian English
Disner, Sandra F.
1983 Vowel Quality: The Relation between Universal and Language Specific Factors (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Salone, Sukari B. 1983 Conditional Sentences in Swahili  
Samiian, Vida 1983 Structure of Phrasal Categories in Persian  
Thomas-Flinders, Tracy G. 1983 Morphological Structures  
Weber, David J. 1983 A Grammar of Huallaga (Huanoco) Quechua  
Yamada, Jeni E. 1983 The Independence of Language: A Case Study  
Bailard, Joelle S. 1982 Diachronic Evidence and theForm of French Grammar  
Gil, David 1982 Distributive Numerals  
Gordon, Amnon 1982 The Structure of the Hebrew Lexicon  
Greenberg, William J.
1982 Aspects of a Theory of Singular Reference: Prolegomena to a Dialectical Logic of Singular Terms (P. Schachter, chair)


Klein, Sharon M. 1982 Syntactic Theory and the Developing Grammar: Reestablishing the Relationship Between Linguistic Theory and Data From Language Acquisition  
Linker, Wendy J.
1982 Articulatory and Acoustic Correlates of Labial Activity in Vowels: A Cross-Linguistic Study (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Nartey, Jonas N.A.
1982 On Fricative Phones and Phonemes: or the Fricative Difference within and between Languages (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Phillips, Jean M. 1982 A Sociolinguistic Perspective on English Neological Processes  
Reilly, Judy S. 1982 Acquisition of Conditionals in English  
Trithart, Mary Lee 1982 The Applied Affix and Transitivity: A Historical Study in Bantu  
Galloway, Linda M. 1981 Contributions of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere to Language and Communication: Issues in Cerebral Dominance with Special Emphasis on Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Sex Differences, and Certain Ethnic Groups  
Horvath, Julia 1981 Aspects of Hungarian Syntax and Theory of Grammar  
Noonan, Michael P. 1981 Lango Syntax  
Watters, John R. 1981 A Phonology and Morphology of Ejagham, with Notes on Dialect Variation  
Gordon, Lynn 1980 Maricopa Mophology and Syntax  
Greenberg, Steven 1980 Neural Temporal Coding of Pitch and Vowel Quality  
McIntire, Marina 1980 Locatives in American Sign Language  
Papçun, George
1980 How do Different Speakers Say the Same Vowels? Discriminant Analysis of Four Imitation Dialects (P. Ladefoged, chair)


Piera, Carlos


(Romance Linguistics) Spanish Verse and the Theory of Meter  


Zee, Yun-Yang Eric 1980 Phonetic Studies of Chinese Tones  
Burton, Alora J. 1979 Phonological Systems of Aphasic Children  
DeChene, Brent E. 1979 The Historical Phonology of Vowel Length  
Erguvanli, Eser E. 1979 The Function of Word Order in Turkish Grammar  
Forson, Barnabas 1979 Code-Switching in Akan-English Bilingualism  
Gary, Edward Norman 1979 Extent in English: A Unified Account of Degree and Quantity  
Hardy, Heather K. 1979 Tolkapaya Syntax: Aspect, Modality, and Adverbial Modification in a Yavapai Dialect  
Hendrick, Randall J. 1979 On Nesting and Indexical Conditions in Linguistic Theory  
Hirakouji, Kenji 1979 Ni and No in Japanese  
Jacobson, Leon C.
1979 DhoLuo Vowel Harmony: A Phonetic Investigation (V. Fromkin, W. Welmers, chairs)


Kunene, Euphrasia C. 1979 The Acquisition of SiSwati as a First Language: A Morphological Study with Special Reference to Noun Prefixes, Noun Classes, and Some Agreement Markers  
Lopez, Barbara S. 1979 The Sound Pattern of Brazilian Portuguese  
Marchese, Lynell 1979 Tense/Aspect and the Development of Auziliaries in the Kru Language Family  
Sabsay, Sharon L. 1979 Communicative Competence in Down's Syndrom Adults  
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Browman, Catherine P.
1978 Tip of the Tongue and Slip of the Ear: Implications for Language Processing (P. Ladefoged, chair)


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Goldstein, Louis M.
1977 Three Studies in Speech Perception: Features, Relative Salience, and Bias (P. Ladefoged, chair)


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Terbeek, Dale R.
1977 A Cross-Language Multidimensional Scaling Study of Vowel Perception (V. Fromkin, chair)


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Curtiss, Susan 1976 The Case of Genie: A Modern Day "Wild Child"  
Cushing, Stephen 1976 The Formal Semantics of Quantification  
Dahlgreen, Kathleen G. 1976 Referential Semantics  
Elimelech, Baruch
1976 A Tonal Grammar of Etsako (V. Fromkin, chair)


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Kimenyi, Alexandre 1976 A Relational Grammar of Kinyarwanda  
McCoard, Robert W. 1976 Tense Choice and Pragmatic Inferences: A Study of Preterit/Perfect Oppositions in English  
Meyers, Laura F.
1976 Aspects of Hausa Tone (P. Schachter, chair)


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Saib, Jilali 1976 A Phonological Study of Tamazight Berber: Dialect of the Ayt Ndhir  
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Ard, Josh W. 1975 Raisings and Word Order in Diachronic Syntax  
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1975 Features for Vowels (P. Ladefoged, chair)


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1965 Some Phonetic Specifications of Linguistic Units: An Electromyographic Investigation (P. Ladefoged, chair)


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