Preparation for the Major:

Required: Linguistics 20; Applied Linguistics 10; ONE of the following: Anthropology 33 or Psychology 10; completion of the equivalent of the sixth term of one foreign language.

The Major:

Required: A minimum of 10 upper division courses, including: Linguistics 102, 119A, 119B (103, 120A, 120B can be taken in lieu of 102, 119A, 119B, respectively); two upper division electives in Linguistics (multiple-listed courses may not be applied).

The remaining five courses are electives outside of Linguistics, selected from: Applied Linguistics 101, 102W, CM128 (same as Slavic CM114), C153, C155, C157, M161W (same as Communication Studies M123W); no more than one from Applied Linguistics 121SL, M165SL, M172SL; Anthropology M140, 141, 146, 147, 149A-F (one course only), M162; Communication Studies 119, CM125, M144A; no more than one upper division course in a foreign language beyond the sixth term. Language structure courses, which include: Linguistics 114, M116, M176A, M176B, M177, M178; French 105; Portuguese 100A, 100B; Spanish 100A, 100B, 160; German 140; Arabic 180, 181; Armenian 110; Hebrew 180A, 180B; Iranian 131; Turkic 120A, can also be used as electives for the Applied Linguistics major.  

(Current course descriptions are listed in the UCLA General Catalog)