Bachelor of Arts in African Languages

Preparation for the Major:

Required: Linguistics 20, nine courses from African Languages 1A through 42C and 199 (six in one language and three in another).

The Major:

Required: A minimum of 13 upper division courses, including three courses in an African language; African Languages M190, Linguistics 102; two courses from Folklore M155, French 121A, Film and Television 106C, Theater 102E, or one or more special four-unit African Languages 199 tutorials focusing on literature in an African language; three courses from English 114, Ethnomusicology and Systematic Musicology 136A, 136B, Geography 189, History 125A, 125B, 125C, 126A, 127A, 127B, 128A, 128B, Linguistics 110, 120A, 120B or 127, 140, M146, 170, Political Science 166A, 166B, 166C. Linguistics 165A or 165B (or 200A or 200B with a grade of A in 120A or 120B respectively and consent of instructor) and completion of the sixth term in one of the following non-African languages are strongly recommended: Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese.

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