ESSLLI'04  - Nancy,  France

Workshop on Semantic Approaches to Binding Theory

August 16th-August 20th, 2003 (2nd Week of ESSLLI)

Time:    14.00-15.30 (Slot 3).  Room:    A2


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09/19/04  (Added recently:  materials used  by Tenny)

Download all extended abstracts: [pdf]

(No hard copy of the abstracts will be available in Nancy. Please bring a printout if you wish to have the abstracts with you during the Workshop).


Ed Keenan (UCLA)
Philippe Schlenker (UCLA & IJN)

Note:  Unfortunately, due to problems with his knees that require medical attention, Ed Keenan will not be able to attend the workshop. His presence will be missed! -PS

Ed Keenan's contribution to the Workshop is now available online: 'Interpreting Anaphors Directly' [pdf]

Program Committee

Chris Barker (UC San Diego)
Alastair Butler (ILLC/Department of Philosophy, U. of Amsterdam)
Ed Keenan (UCLA)
Philippe Schlenker (UCLA & IJN)
Ken Shan (Harvard)


 Note:  Unfortunately, Márcia Cançado (UFMG, Brazil), who was scheduled to talk on 'Principle A: unaccusative structures and
thematic roles'
, will not be able to attend the Workshop.

MONDAY, August 16th

-Introduction (P. Schlenker) 

-David Oshima (Stanford)
'On empathic and logophoric binding' (30mn)

-Carol Tenny (Pittsburgh) 'Pronoun Binding and the Grammar of Sentience'

TUESDAY, August 17th

INVITED TALK: Alastair Butler (ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of
'An Introduction to Barrier Language' (60mn)

-Nicolas Guilliot (Nantes) 'Binding and Last Resort Reconstruction' (30mn)

WEDNESDAY, August 18th

-Uffe Bergeton (USC, Los Angeles)
'A new articulation of binding and
intensification: consequences for binding, reflexivity, logophoricity, and
cross-linguistic variation of binding conditions' (30mn)

-Bart Geurts (Nijmegen) 'Weak and Strong Reflexives in Dutch' (30mn)

-Elsi Kaiser, Jeff Runner, Rachel Sussman & Michael Tanenhaus (University of
'An experimental approach to short-distance pronouns and
logophoric reflexives' (30mn)

THURSDAY, August 19th

-INVITED TALK: Ken Shan (Harvard) & Chris Barker (UCSD)
Crossover as Left-to-Right Evaluation' (60mn)

-Lenhart Schubert (Rochester)
'Variables as Functions: Efficient Reference
to Dependent Entities' (30mn)

FRIDAY, August 20th

-Jennifer Spenader & Petra Hendriks (Groningen) 'A bidirectional explanation
of the pronoun interpretation problem' (30mn)

-Jason Mattausch (ZAS, Berlin)
'Optimality, Bidirectionality, and the
Evolution of Binding Phenomena' (30mn)



Binding Theory, which is concerned with sentence-internal constraints on anaphora, was originally conceived in syntactic terms as a set of  conditions on the distribution of indices (Chomsky 1983). Thus Condition A stated that anaphors are locally bound (*John/i thinks that himself/i is clever); Condition B stated that Pronominals are locally free (*He/i likes him/i), and Condition C required that R-expressions be free (*He/i thinks that John/i is clever). But other researchers have attempted to derive these constraints from lexical semantics or the interpretative procedure rather than the syntax. Some add a semantic component to a syntactic core (e.g.  Reinhart 1983, Heim 1993, Fox 2000, Buring 2002), but others are moreradically semantic (e.g. works by Jacobson, Keenan, Barker & Shan, Butler).

The workshop, which is intended for advanced PhD students and researchers, will provide a forum to compare and assess these diverse proposals. We welcome proposals for 30mn contributions (including discussion), which should be specific, explicit and semantically informed. We list below some possible topics, though the list is not exhaustive.

Local Arrangements

All workshop participants including the presenters will be
required to register for ESSLLI. The registration fee for authors
presenting a paper will correspond to the early student/workshop
speaker registration fee. 

There will be no reimbursement for travel costs and accommodation.