UCLA Quechua Offerings


During the summer we offer a 12-unit intensive course covering the materialusually presented over the course of an academic year.  Taking thiscourse will satisfy the College of Letters and Science foreign languagerequirement.

Academic Year

During the academic year the following courses are offered:

Lower Division Courses

18A-18B-18C. Elementary Quechua. Lecture, five hours. Course18a is enforced requisite to 18B, which is enforced requisite to 18C. Languageof the Incas and its present-day dialects, as spoken in Andean South America.

Upper Division Courses

119A-119B-119C. Advanced Quechua. Prerequisite: course18C. Course 119A is prerequisite to 119B, which is prerequisite to 119C.Readings in Quechua. Dialectal and stylistic variation. Discussions mainlyin Quechua.

Graduate Course

596. Directed Studies in Quechua (1 to 8 units).Prerequisites: courses 119A-119B-119C or consent of instructor. Directedindividual study or research in Quechua. Four units may be applied towardM.A. course requirements. May be repeated for credit. S/U grading.

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Last updated: June 16, 1997