Dear Linguistics Alumni,

The UCLA Linguistics Department is proud of our alumni, both undergraduate and graduate, who have gone on to careers both within linguistics and elsewhere. We are often told by our graduates who work outside linguistics that the skills they learned as linguistic students continue to be important to them in their lives and careers -- that is important and meaningful news to us as teachers.

The UCLA department, now in existence for over 50 years, has continued to evolve as the field changes. Linguistics is increasingly an experimental science, and we are currently strengthening our three department laboratories with new faculty and staff. One of the nicest aspects of running laboratories is that it provides opportunities for the undergraduates to get involved, working as research assistants. For instance, the work of undergraduate assistants is essential to the running of the UCLA Acquisition Lab, which tests theories of language acquisition with infants and toddlers brought in by their parents. Other research assistants help in experiments with adults covering phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics. Our department also has a kind of research symbiosis between the graduate program and the undergraduate program: grad students doing their dissertation work take on undergraduate research assistants, who learn by experience while making possible more ambitious research strategies for the grad student.

Our department has also evolved in the use of technology in teaching. Linguistics, with its many formal problem-solving aspects, is ideal for software-based instruction that gives students full command of the technical side, letting the instructor focus more on the big picture.

We hope you will stay in touch and remain involved in the life of the department. We invite you in particular to attend forthcoming meetings of the Friends of Linguistics, which are specially directed to alumni. But we would also be delighted to see you at any of the talks and seminars in the department -- see this page for the schedule. We also post news about the department, both on our home page and on our blog.

I thank you for your continued interest in UCLA Linguistics and look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at a future event.

Best wishes,

Bruce Hayes
Professor and Chair
Department of Linguistics, UCLA