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UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics

**Important Note: The Linguistics Department will soon be changing the way publications are handled.  Please check back for updates or call the main office at (310) 825-0634.  In the meantime, copies are in limited supply.

UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics is a publication of the UCLA Linguistics Department. This series takes the place of the three existing series UCLA Working Papers in Phonology, UCLA Working Papers in Psycholinguistics, and UCLA Working Papers in Syntax. The series is intended to provide a unique forum for work in progress by scholars affiliated with UCLA.

As of 2005, this series has been converted to a web-based distribution mode.  For the newer volumes listed, you can inspect the contents and obtain copies immediately by downloading the pdf files.

For ordering information for older volumes, consult this page

Information on older working paper volumes (published in series replaced by the UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics series) can be found here.

UCLA WPL Publication List

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